2018 New Season Deal

2018/07 31 17:07


How many of you are waiting for the 2018 NFL new season? It’s coming! Meanwhile, four unprecedented discounts will be released on www.maryjersey.cn, you’re in?

Promotions last 30 hours: (American Eastern Daylight Time) 

Start: 08/10/2018 12:00 (Midnight) Fri

End: 08/11/2018 06:00  (A.M.) Sat


Four Huge Discounts:


  • $15 Off For Air Jordan Shoes

All Air Jordan shoes enjoy $15 off, only $50 a pair after.

Quick Link: http://www.maryjersey.cn/air-jordan.html


  • $15 Flash Sale Jersey

Eight hot-sell jerseys’ price cut down to $15 a piece.

Quick Link: http://www.maryjersey.cn/2018-new-season-sales.html


  • One Coupon For Each Order

  • Cart Amount Coupon Code Save
    above $1 2018Maryjersey$6 $6
    above $80 2018Maryjersey$10 $10
    above $240 2018Maryjersey$20 $20
    above $360 2018Maryjersey$30 $30

* Code cannot be used in conjunction with each other, suggest you choose the highest If multiple applicable.

* Click “Apply Coupon” after fill in the code.


  • One Free Set For Sharing Order

Once payment confirmed, you can screenshot your order details and share to our Facebook group  and your Facebook timeline (tag Mary Le).

10 customers (whose posts get most likes & comments) can get a pair of Air Jordan shoes and a jersey for free. Mary will public the 10 customers’ list after activity end.


Activity Rules:

  1. All discounts are valid from Aug.10th00:00 (Fri.) to Aug. 11th06:00 A.M. (Sat.) 2018 only;

  2. This deals’ related currency to be US dollar;

III. This deal is not applicable in conjunction with other promotion offer;

Any question, welcome to email us at maryjerseyservice@gmail.com OR Chat Live OR message Mary Le on Facebook.

MaryJersey reserve all rights for the final explanation.

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